Friday, August 25, 2006

cunning inspiration habit

I went down to the levee
and what did I see
but three beastie boys
and they petrified me
and one said 'hey bobby'
don't 'cha recognize me?
I said I did and please
could they please just let me be

It ain't me, boys, no no no
it ain't me boys, it ain't me you're looking for

Mike D he said to me 'the sherrif's after me'
'on account of his daughter'
'who fell in love with me'

I said to MCA, don't 'cha want to be free?
He said he didn't care with a rustle of his hair
And all the drums and all the clocks and all the 808s
couldn't console the dj
he cried into his skates
I asked MCA why so far from the rink?
'with boots like this' he said
'I can scratch mix with my feet'

Oh, it ain't me boys, no no no
it ain't me boys, it ain't me you're looking for

The third one turned to me,
'I gotta ask you please
here we are just begging
just begging on our knees
give us one more line, one rhyme and we'll be
the first to let you go, the first to set you free'

Ah, boys I'm just so tired, why don't you ask Mix Master?
While you peed your diapers I was a big disaster
I caused a lot of grief and then I stole a tractor

In fact my life has been a series
of worse to worse to worst
you're really better off
if you went and drove a hearse

I'll be gone like Arlo Guthrie
one day soon I'll be free
And then you'll have to finish
The line I-

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