Saturday, September 02, 2006

recovering mobile distinctly

This would be interesting, thought Mr. Spectacles. He slowly typed today's entry into the flight computer. This ship had been travelling for longer than he had been alive. And this was the first time the computer had advised a course correction with 2 variables. Were they making progress in his revolutionary education?

Mr. Spectacles was only half as exciting as his name suggested. In his youth he had been at the center of political controversy aboard ship. He, together with two other men who were dissatisfied with their roles on board had worked tirelessly to undermine the power of the ruling circle. Mr. Spectacles himself had been the first to hold the position of 'Chief Advisor to the Computer' for more than 5 years.

Now, in his antiquity, the other two men dead, Mr. Spectacles had a decision to make.

"Will this lead us to our destination?" asked Mr. Spectacles.
"Can you reveal the destination, finally?" asked Mr. Spectacles.
"No. Access denied."
"Buggery computer." said Mr. Spectacles.

Computers don't understand revolutions, they understand cycles. How could he ever have thought the UMIX-808 was any different from his toaster?

"I wish I could nail your hands to a podium," grumbled Mr. Spectacles as he went back to his cabin. His ship hurtling through space. Destination unknown.

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