Tuesday, January 09, 2007

coronation jubilant gospel

Nine days after the holiday and 8 entries behind schedule on their school science project, Nicholas Pump and Spavin Kesey were huddled under a soggy blanket in the hard January rain and Nicholas was punching glumly at the keys of Spavin's superphone while Spavin held up the fragile booster aerial that rose above their grim faces into the pea soup sky above their pimpled teenaged heads.

Nick and Spavin were planning a miracle.

Spavin heard Nick gasp.

"Spew! heads up!" roared Nick greatly beyond what one might expect from a neck the size of an oyster.

"Is it coming?" yelled back Spavin.

As if in answer to his question the sky ripped loose a wild lightning bolt and cracking shards of thunder.

"It's hit the gymnasium!" yelled Spavin.

"Screw that! ," said Nick, eyes glued to the superphone's 3 inch screen, "it's coming through!"

"All of it!?" said Spavin, Nick scanned through the compromised Board of Education wireless data.

"Every test, every exam, every grade of every student!" Nick howled back.

"In the whole school?"

"Nah," Nick grinned at Spavin's downcast face through the rain, "the whole city!"


Spavin and Nick threw off the blanket and allowed themselves a moment to dance like crazy, no, eccentric, fools, because everyone knows that the rich can't be crazy.

Mission accomplished, they hot-dogged to Nick's mom's car.

Words like: Fiduciary, Fiscal, Financial, a lot of F-words, danced behind their contact lenses.

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