Friday, June 27, 2008

76 - Notes on a pleasant nightmare

  1. Festival of smoking crosses in Belgium. Cross connoisseurs smoking church sized pipes in every manner and style of cross.
  2. A large successful English class nearly derailed by gremlins at the blackboard who keep erasing the word lists.
  3. A teacher furious because my classes are so loud she can't hear herself think.
  4. A individual class interrupted for a workshop then extended indefinitely.
  5. Kidnapping attempt on Professor Heinman's daughter foiled at the last moment.
  6. A bilocating hall of mirrors such that one couple walks in and 6 walk out, operating in sufficiently out of sync timelines and realities that each couple is unaware of the others although nevertheless meeting from time to time as that is what waves do.
  7. A five dimensional vase.
  8. Reality viewed as a cross-section
  9. Electing to stay versus lobbying to go.
  10. Life as a choose-your-own-adventure game. Why not?


Patricia said...

I really like that last point - can I choose a death match?

Finally, I post sth on myspace. Unbelievable!

Bulent Akman said...

Thanks Patricia! I hope someday I can leave a comment on your site too! Use my email on the certificate from school to drop me a note!

Esen T said...

Is that kidnapping thing true ? Or am I misssing some deeper meaning? Perhaps an inside joke ? ( although, I can't imagine who it would be inside..)