Monday, October 13, 2008

70 - Damnable Fishies

"A bright morning it is for the experiment sir," said Franklin Cordliss, an assistant and grave robber.
"I imagine you think me foolish to hoist my apparatus in this dead calm? said Dudley Thorten, a revivificationist and collector of exotic tropical fish."

Dudley produced from his pocket, wrapped like a market stall fish, a mortar.

"Salt, it's packed with silver iodide and dry ice, now my fooolish apprentice, now! hoist the antenna!"

No sooner had Franklin hurried to the winches than Dudley had fired the mortar up into the clear blue sky.

There was a pop, and the sky filled with sparkles and highlights, which quickly descended into a fierce and dangerous thunderstorm.

There would be energy for the attempt after all.

Regardless, thought Franklin, the master's fish must be saved.

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