Monday, March 02, 2009

87 This was the time to organize

Many years before the crash, it was inconceivable to most people how bad things could get before they got better, having a job, any job at all, became the new status symbol.

In Adjunct City, where joblessness and homelessness and general despair were as bad as they could possibly get, the miracle arrived, a source of pure energy, trapped in the spaces between spaces. At first, even the team that made the critical discovery couldn't believe the results of their own experiments: men who could run for days without eating a stitch of anything, women who could lift thousands of kilograms of weight without any apparent effort, children who could fly before they could walk...The team lived in daily wonder at the fortuitousness of their accidental discovery.

Naturally, they debated whether to keep it to themselves.

"I don't know, if this gets out, borders will be meaningless, governments will collapse, there will be no effective way to control people."
"That's the whole point! We can organize! We can take control of the world!"
"The power doesn't care if you have good intentions, certain people will try to create a totalitarian state."
"Then give it away for free! It just takes a few wires, a capacitor, this programmable rom we designed and a 9 volt battery!"
"You've done it already haven't you? You've leaked the design?"
"My family had a right to it! Everyone has a right! This is the birthright of humanity!"

She was right, it was too late, as long back as reading Crawford Killian (as had I) she had admitted that she had been certain it was possible, now that fact had caught up with fiction, I realized she had taken the novel's arguments to their logical conclusion.

She had known what to do all along.

"Yes, I've told everyone I know, I've trained them, I've told them to train others, there, I said it, we have no right to keep this a secret."

I knew she was right, it was too late, it was only a matter of time before the world knew everything about the experiment, only a matter of time before men everywhere where given the choice: to remain human or become heroes.

The meeting broke up, flying home under the power of his mind, Gregory speculated on the momentous changes to come.

Today the world, tomorrow the stars?

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