Sunday, April 24, 2016

Frank the Good Duck - A bedtime story for my son

Many times, there was a duck named Frank. Frank was a good duck, he did good things. His mother told him to watch his brothers and sisters when she went out looking for food. One day, his brothers and sisters decided to get into some trouble. They went out on their own, over the hills and far away. Frank couldn’t stop them. He decided to go with them to make sure they didn’t get into too much trouble. The first animal the little ducks met was a fox. The fox ate his brothers and sisters. Frank had to trick the fox. He painted some rocks to look like ducks and the silly fox ate those rocks too. This gave the fox a terrible ache and he puked all the ducks out. The ducks were smelly and itchy but they were happy to be alive and Frank took them back to his home pond and washed them off and got them into bed before his mother came home and found out what had happened.When his mother came back, they were all asleep, clean and warm and dry in their beds. Frank was asleep too. He was very tired. Taking care of little ducks that like to get into trouble is difficult work. Frank was good at it but now he had his reward, a good nights sleep. The End.

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