Sunday, August 27, 2006

scattering gleans refusal

"Knowing what evil they had done to themselves, they beat their breasts crying woe! We have destroyed ourselves!
The might, the power, from the heart of stars, this flesh, this world, eternal puzzles in infinite combinations!
The Man, Jesus, into who the divine aeon Christ came.
Have you preached the gospel to those asleep?
Waiting for salvation to come?"

The cross replied.


And unto the profane, the paranoid, the drug addicted, the insane, I say unto you, there is a way out of the prison, believe in nothing, for belief is the prison, do not reject belief, for that also is the prison, reject community for that is a prison, accept community for rejection of it is a prison, fear your freedom, for freedom is the prison, fear your captivity for above all, that is the prison.

All this was said to Joan, as she suffered in her cafe torments, spun this way and that by conspiracies and gnosticism and drugs and authority.

But Joan was wise, she focused on her espresso doppio, she knew she would prevail.

She knew that there would one day come a day of rejoicing and a day of judgement.

Joan, the last of the apocalyptic university students. She alone kept the faith alive.

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