Monday, September 25, 2006

renew mimic upwards

So I rubbed the lamp and out popped a genie.

'So I get three wishes, right?' I said.

He shook his head and explained that due to recent budget cutbacks and new union rules he was only authorized to provide 1 (one) wish as the area where I had found the lamp (the local beach)had been designated by the local genie lamp zoning by-law council authority (in conjunction with UGW local 9384) as high traffic.

Throughout his sub-claused sub-sectioned speech I watched amazed as little legal visualizations and examples puffed into and out of existence around his little blue head.

I thought.

'I wish for feelings without emotions!' I cried.

And in a poof he was gone and I didn't feel any different. I dimissed the episode as a bad flashback and walked to my car.

On the way home somebody cut me off in traffic and my heart began to pound and my blood pressure rose. I saw a pretty girl cross the street in front of me and my heart began to pound and my blood pressure rose.

At home I watched the sunset from my balcony and discovered I could sense the level of electrical resistance in my skin falling and my body temperature with it. Just like when I fall asleep.

I watched a drama on TV about all the usual suspects: jealousy, suspicion, lies, betrayal, hatred, love, envy, guilt, seduction and though I knew what the words meant and I knew how they felt I could only seem to reflect on them in terms of changes in my physiology.

My wish had come true. And I literally couldn't care.

I ought to have been horrified, maybe I was but all I could say for certain was that my core body temperature decreased and I began to perspire.

What would Buddha have made of all this, I wondered as the movie ended.

What would work be like tomorrow like this? What would I say to my boss?

I went to bed.

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