Wednesday, October 04, 2006

raw near darling

She was going to be the ruin of him, but Jeremy Jones just couldn't stay away from Claudette Sikorska.

Claudette was whimsical, tragical, uptight, a little snooty, just like Beck predicted.

Jeremy was a big fan of Beck. He didn't say that out loud where he worked though. Water quality technicians were clannish and didn't favour west coast experimental rock at the moment.

To Jeremy it was like a 37 year old being forced to live at Kindergarten.

They met for lunch one day. After a dozen maybe's and I don't knows on the part of Claudette.

"I'd meant to meet you sooner Jer, it just didn't work out that's all," she said. Why did it sound like she was breaking up with him on the first date?
"I understand you're busy Claudette but I respect my time and for you I made a special exception," he said.
"Oh, and what's that supposed to mean?" she said.
"I know I don't look like much and I also know when someone's holding out for a better deal," he said.
"So why should I stay now?" she said.
"Because no one you ever meet will be willing to put up with your nonsense," he said "
"So you think it's nonsense now?" she said. Jeremy had gotten through to her.
"Yeah, when did you start to think I could respect someone who treats other people like you've treated me? I only met you today to tell you I'm glad I found out what kind of a person you are now before I make a big mistake and get into something serious with you" he said. Whew, he was nearly out of breath on that one, he'd been saving it up.

Her beautiful eyes turned black. Then disappeared behind her lowered lashes. She seemed to shrink inside herself, her cheeks blazed, the next thing she said sounded brittle and plaintive.

"Can we at least sleep together?" she said.
"Maybe" he said, "if you ask me nicely."

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M.A.M said...

This stuff is soooo goooood and so addictive. I love it really. Your forte is in the short -very short- format for sure. So refreshing bub.