Wednesday, October 18, 2006

thorn swiss talent

There he went, down the street like a bad simile, a rickety concoction of backyard genius, school supplies and leftovers from the junk metal yard around the corner.

That summer, Finn Johnson, Ronald and Mary Johnson's kid, built himself a scooter.

And it was fast.

He was only 13 years old and already a mechanical wonder, most kids left alone at home have taken things apart. Parents come home to find a toaster or a camera disassembled. Kids discover it's harder to put these things together again. Finn's parents only discovered he'd been at it when Mary Johnson turned on her television one morning and noticed that all the fuzzy channels were clear and sharp.

and there were hundreds more channels.

Ronald made Finn decouple the full cable service Finn had patched into including the video on demand service but Mary missed her HBO so Ronald reluctantly asked Finn to put it back. Eyes averted, they hoped Finn knew what he was doing.

So that's how a 13 year old got a speeding ticket on a homebuilt scooter.

When the Police stopped Finn. He was travelling 110 miles an hour.

In fourth gear.

His scooter's engine is 88cc's.

God knows what he'll do when he grows up.

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