Wednesday, December 13, 2006

meme first study

This is a meme started by Lexa of Author!Author! who, among numerous achievements is also a National Novel writing Month winner for 2006. Congratulations Lexa! I have successfully failed that competition 3 years in a row.

I wrote this entry at work so I grabbed the first book of the shelve in the teacher's room which happened to be a novel by Tama Janowitz, titled: "The male cross-dresser support group."

Five sentences down on page 123 I found:

Martin shrugged. "At first the stepfather and his mother sent him to all kinds of expensive clinics and institutionalized him. But then his family got tired of spending the money and they sent him to me."

As I am a rather bookish person I'll consider whom to challenge this evening but did not wish to hesitate in participating.

Everyone is encouraged to visit Lexa's site. It's worth your time.

Regards, B8A.

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Anonymous said...

you are the best! thanks for participating. all three of the wonderful bloggers I tagged came through for me and that feels great. also, an amazing blast from the past - OMG - Tama Janowitz. Her publicist called "all them witches" up to do some kind of stunt for one of her books. Slaves of New York, maybe. I only remember I was very young and the whole coven got on robes and cauldrons to do some crazy photo shoot for her. Most of all thank you for all the glowing praise and constructive criticism you lavish upon me.
happy holidays
love and light