Monday, January 15, 2007

desalinize heating titmouse

"Ah come on, haven't we got enough mechanical killer barnyard animals at home already?"

It was the third day of the world military gadget convention and Janice Bodice was struggling to keep up with Katherine Overture's buying spree. Janice was the practical side of the partnership, their boss was counting on her to stop Katherine from spending their tiny island democracy's entire defense budget on another collection of wifi enabled anti-personnel key fobs.

"But these mechanical killer barnyard animals will really catch the enemy by surprise!" insisted Katherine as Janice dragged her away from the 'Bovine Terror' table and over to the refreshment counter while making every effort to ignore the  stream of enthusiasm gushing from her lips.

"Enough Kate!"
"But weren't those ducky-wucksies with laser guided rifles so cutsee-wutsie?"

Janice often wonderered if Kate hadn't been a cartoon character in a previous life, or possibly a mime and this babble was some kind of karmic compensation?

Before too long, Kate had polished off her hastily ordered and hastily consumed coffee and barrelled past Janice towards the Town and Country Explosives and Incendiaries table where even at this distance Janice could hear her raving over the new batch of claymore type mines disguised as garden gnomes. She resigned herself to the fact that they'd be taking back at least a half dozen samples to present to their government.

"Oh well, at least the Liberal Conservatives are in power this term, they won't kick up too much of a fuss," she muttered to no one but herself.

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