Sunday, March 25, 2007

mugwump slank needle

"How long has Julie been missing?" said Johnson, a detective.
"She's been gone since February," said Marshall, a concerned neighbour and suspect number one.

According to her friends and co-workers, Julie had been completing a photo-documentary of downtown Toronto when she disappeared.

Julie was wearing a dark winter jacket and a red scarf. At present Police have no leads.

If anyone has any details, Police urge you to contact them immediately.


A Caribbean island, moored to a private jetty is a 40 metre private yacht, Major Julie M, international espionage agent with license '00' is sipping a long drink and wondering what the little people are doing.

"Freshen your glass, Major?" a bronzed CSIS field agent fills her glass.
"Thank you Corporal Stencil, I trust we're on schedule?"
"As per your orders, Major," Corporal Stencil retreats.

Major Julie regrets the subterfuge, being incommunicado, it was necessary for the success of the operation.

The soft caribbean breeze, white sands and expensive accomodations make it easier.

"Some jobs you have to do yourself," she sighs.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds somehow vaguely familiar. I'm having deja vu.