Wednesday, April 11, 2007

dates russian double

It was brought to Vera's attention by her neighbour.

"There's been a man watching your door," said Carol, a housewife.
"How can you be so sure?" said Vera, a product manager.
"He keeps leaving things under your door," said Carol.
"What, you mean these pizza flyers?" Vera produces a thick sheaf from her purse.
"Yeah! Hey, why don't you get rid of those?" said Carol, but Vera was already past her and out the door and waving goodbye to the doorman, Alphonse.

Carol couldn't see the love letters written on the other side of the flyers.

Vera had enough embarassment in her life already, by her estimation, An attractive single woman with a good job, good promotion prospects, a heavenly taste for fashion and a devilish taste for wine, who could refuse her?

Or fail to be intimidated by her?

She loved the pizza flyer boy, because he didn't know enough to know what couldn't be done!

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