Monday, September 17, 2007

An open letter to everyone who complains too much composed entirely of quotations from recent movies

Everybody with a car has done it, when you feel like things are out of control, you get in your car and drive.

Nowhere in particular, just driving.

It's reassuring that you can keep a ton of metal under control when it feels like you can't keep the rest of your life that way.

It's never what's happening that's the issue, it's your reaction to what's happening.

Living your life with your face pressed up against it isn't the best way to ogle the chocolates behind the glass.

It's not disengagement, it's voluntary engagement I'm advocating.

To let that which is truly unimportant just slide.

Nobody gets respect from a torrent of sob stories.

Be an example, care but do not care.

grip tightly, let go lightly.

Carry on, stiff upper lip.

Whatever happens, as long as you're warm, dry, fed and no one is trying to kill you; relax.

Your problems are not real. They are just bad ideas.

Stop confusing conception with reality.

Stop alienating your friends and relatives with your silly behaviour.

Suck it up and get on with it.


Anonymous said...

This is not a happy letter. What were you thinking?

Anonymous said...

this letter is like shouting for help....

Desparation, sarrow, sadness....

Bulent Akman said...

A good point. Assuming I am shouting for help. Am I shouting for help or shouting for help with something? I wrote it in a moment, a snapshot, and moods go up a little and down a little every day. to weather a storm is to put too dramatic a face on life. I wrote it out of frustration. Reminding myself and people I care deeply for that perspective is too easy to lose and loss of perspective ultimately ends with being unable to cope. Problems haven't changed, our ability to react correctly with them have. I wanted to remind myself and people I care for to keep cool heads.

I leave you with a few quotes from Sun Tzu (the first is a paraphrase by Napoleon)

An army marches on its stomach, always consider your supply lines before taking action in the field.

When strong appear weak, when weak appear strong.

Do what is not expected, expected the unexpected. Be where you are not. Do not be where you appear to be.

So much for love and war.

Anonymous said...

You love quotes / clever statement so I have one more for you (I know the polish version I hope that the English one will be clear enough)

Human being and its happiness is like onion - has layers. During our life and coping the problems we lose our layers our superficial happiness – sometimes we restore it sometimes we lose it for ever. The most important of the onion is the core – there is the true happiness and if a human being loses it, he doesn’t see the purpose of living and dies.

I wish you – never lose too many layers and restore lost ones….