Saturday, March 29, 2008

88 - Downcount Station Uprising

At-Five, a cyborg (@5) and part-time troublemaker, reached for the small vial of poison which he planned to use on his boss, First Player (1Up), a cyborg manager who, in At-Five's opinion, was a monkey short of a wrench, Pathy Hedron, a vat-grown sythnetic person (and new-arrival-in-general-with-no-first-hand-knowledge-of-cyborg-speech-patterns) felt stupid, she didn't understand the references these cyborgs were alluding to, all she could get out of First Player was that they were ancient human metaphors which their original programmers had installed for verisimilude, like any manager, his answer had come after a long pause (She could only assume that's when the 'thinking' happened and simultaneously she noticed her addition of the quotation marks around 'thinking.' Whoops, it happened again.

Were it not for her electronic train-of-thought completion plug-in, she would have lost her way by now.

As it was, she rattled off the second and third criteria in a flash: the answer will be perfectly correct and one hundred percent useless.

One-Hundred-Percent (100%), a maintenance droid and choir boy, luckily never found out about this. He had been nursing a flame for Pathy for hundreds and hundreds of nanoseconds and would have short-circuited in instantaneous shame.


Maria said...

"maintenance droid and choire boy" ..sweet :D I think you're the only person in this planet who could've produced that.

Maria said...

ON this planet :)