Sunday, June 01, 2008

78 - The Simplest Story to Tell That I Know

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl. They were surrounded by many other boys and girls but somehow, the other boys and the other girls didn't look like real people when the boy and the girl were together. When they were together, other boys and other girls looked like dolls, maybe even pictures in a book.

The boy and the girl had many adventures together, living in a paper world, with dolls for friends, teacup parties in the garden, the boy and the girl were happy. Most of the time they were very happy. Sometimes they were sad, because only dolls and pictures in books are happy all the time.

One day they met some other boys and girls, The boy and the girl both wondered if maybe they should go and play with these other boys and girls.

In the end they decided to stay together and play together and have more adventures together because they had both learned while playing with the other boys and girls that other boys and girls were not better or worse, only different. Also, the other boys and girls didn't remember anything important to the boy and the girl. They didn't remember summers in the garden with teacups. They didn't remember each other.

The End

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Patricia said...

I like it. deep and wise