Tuesday, July 15, 2008

74 - The courage to call it conventional

“That’s our director.”
“So it’s true, the bear thing.”
“Yeah, he still talks to it, one of the earliest models, since he was a kid, it’s been modified internally up to the latest state of the art, but it’s the same AI kernel.”
“You have any talking toys growing up?”
“Talking, yeah, full animatronics? No.”
“The director’s bear? Has everything.”
“Even the pistols?”
“Even the bomb-mod.”
“That decides it, the bear has to go.”

p.s. After years of effort there is only years of effort. Rewards must come in through the window, never the door. If every word is a fragment of cliche then projects of anti-story are futile. Here is the end of the story: The bear, the actual bear, locked in a bank vault and operating its mobile unit remotely, contacted the authorities as the Director's clone was shot to shreds.

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