Sunday, March 22, 2009

80 Jesus never learned about B8A

"Blessed are the meek"

Before he could learn B8A he said he had to learn Alpha. His teachers could not persuade him, they imagine he learned Alpha on the cross?

There was a long time in the between place, grey but not grey, neither distance nor closeness, up and down were missing, awareness with neither self nor object.

When the world was built it was already millions of years old, time flowed in all directions, as far back as necessary, as far forward as necessary, necessary to complete the plan, and there was a plan, time enough for everyone, that was the plan.

As awareness expanded, time operated as a universal editor, throwing causes in any direction necessary to support the new imaginings; the world was flat until it was round, the Gods walked until they retreated to the heavens then to scripture, finally to eternity.

From time to time there were those who learned things, ways and means, unfortunately those ways and means are not only unteachable, they are highly dangerous.

For one who knows only the one, there is one; then the universe flows.

For one who knows B8A, this one knows the one and one more...and so arises the multiverse

The B8A exists; the heavens, the hells, the longed-for lands belong to it.

The B8A is the diamond and the cross

The B8A is the warm beating chaos at the heart of order and the order underpinning the chaos

The B8A is not the beginning, that is Alpha, nor is it the beginning of the end, that is Omega.

Be aware:

The B8A is the beginning of the rest.

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