Friday, March 13, 2009

81 Making things up and tearing things down

Honestly, what kind of a guy is Johnny? What kind of a guy lives like that? I mean, he's so ordinary I think he's been in my class for 3 years now. It took me that long to remember his name! I might still have it wrong! HOW forgettable! The guy has no distinguishing features; average height, average looks, average hair, average clothes, average average average all the way down! I wonder how he does it? The teachers in school marked him absent a whole semester last year and Johnny and his parents had to show them Johnny's class notes to prove he'd been there; how average can you get? It's only because we've shared a class for three years in a row that I remember there even exists a person by the name of Johnny Houdini...

I wonder what he'll be when he grows up?

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