Sunday, March 08, 2009

83 The Chattering

I will not be here again. -Why Wei Wu Wei Laughed (pseudonymous)

There was once a boy of uncertain years and a very definite age. Games happened around him with great frequency. The boy was empty. Still, the words flowed: a hurly without a burly, a hocus without a pocus, a song without a staff, a mirror without an image, a noise without a source, an embrace without a body, a thought without a mind, a country without a territory, a substance without a surface, an absence without a presence, a lost without a found, a device without a driver.

A chaos without dischord, an order without structure.

The boy was happy for no reason at all.

Once, the boy had been unhappy, deafened by chattering.

It was ridiculous to believe how simple the solution was. Incredibly lost, one day he accidentally got out of his own way, the chattering remained as a natural phenomenon only now it wasn't granted more weight than the wind in the Autumn leaves. Noticing this. The boy ceased struggling and promptly drowned in unfiltered experience.

Such surprise! To drown!

Yet still to breathe!

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