Thursday, December 31, 2009

48 The Poem of the Year

Places. People. Plots.

City. Country.

A knock at the door and an unexpected trip.

Daily life told Exactly As It Is so that you can hear the capital letters.

Trees are close to the most unconsidered natural objects.

Breathing. Standing. Sitting. Sleeping.

When to go on and when to stop.

How to be evil and how to be good.

Boredom and Surprise.

How to outlast yourself.

What, Who, When, How, Why and in that order.

It all passed this way once.

4 years of writing stories to yerself is a little bit of madness

8 drafts did I write of number 48..

The flow has moved on. I go with it.

The way I publish, the end becomes my introduction.

Curtains on this tiresome decade.

Happy new year, 2010.