Tuesday, July 20, 2010

79 A homework example

After the apocalypse, the last person on Earth sat alone, there was a knock at the door. The last person on Earth didn't recognize the sound for what it was, at first. Memories of knocks and open doors and other people had been so traumatic that the last person struggled to reel them back from wherever they'd been drowned.

Not without a little fear, the last person opened the door. There was someone there who looked exactly like him.

"Who are you--," he began to say, but the person in front of him copied him exactly! It looked like a man, with wrinkled but pale features, as though he had been living underground just like the last person on Earth. The last person reached out to touch the man, less and less surprised at how similar their clothing was, the man copied him exactly!

Their fingers touched, cold and smooth, the last person on Earth fell to the floor as the man did as well.

The last man on Earth slammed the door hard on the mirror. He shuddered with returning knowledge, he was a man, not a person, a man.

Without women, there was no hope for the race, without women, a man would rather die than pretend to live.

Only as a person could he endure it.

After a great, indefinite amount of time, the man forgot about the hallway closet by the stairs with the unbroken mirror hidden inside it, that rare cursed treasure in this apocalypse where nothing, not even this house he grew up in, remained whole and intact.

He forgot and became a person again.

Then one night, when the loneliness became unbearable, the last person on Earth heard a knock...


Anonymous said...

Since this was part of a homework assignment, there are things I hope my students will change and improve, these things have been left in deliberately, can you find them all?

Anonymous said...

After the apocalypse, the last person on Earth sat alone, there was a knock at the door.
It was 2060. After world end which was 20 years ago the Man hadn’t met anyone and hadn’t heard that anyone except him survived.
He got use to the thought that his last few years he spend all alone but someone or something was knocking at the door. He opened the door but there was no one there. ‘Silly joke’ he thought ‘but who or what might do such jokes?’. He decided to take a look once again and in the same moment he saw a small package on the ground. He opened it. There was a phone inside. The phone started to ring. He picked up the phone, said ‘Hello’ and waited if anyone answer.
‘ Hello, am I speaking with the last person on earth?’ the strange voice asked.
‘ I think you do. Who am I speaking with?’ The Man asked.
‘I represent the alien civilization. You must know that 20 years ago we destroyed your civilization. We missed you during the last expedition and … we need to correct our mistake’
Then the thunderbolt hit the Man and that’s how the last Man on Earth died.


Tom said...

Apocalypse Now

After the apocalypse the last person on Earth sat alone, there was a knock at the door. Without thinking too much the person, out of habit, leapt out from his sofa and rushed to door. After a second, just before opening it, previous knocking jogged his memory reminding him, that he is alone on the entire plant and he hadn't seen anyone for a long time. While thinking about himself, and almost forgotten about why he was in such a hurry, another knock occurred. He didn't know what to do, he was scared. Silently he went to his room, took a combat shotgun and return to the place where he came from. The closer he was to the door, the more he trembles, being afraid of who or rather what was waiting for him outside. Pointing his gun at the center of the door he quickly opened it, but no one was there. Very slowly he went outside and looked around, it was silent like never before and no trace of anybody. When he felt more relaxed he saw moving shadow in a blink of an eye. Then he understood beyond any doubts that is not alone as he had thought until then. He decided to look for whatever it was. He found the highest point from which he can saw entire area, and started to scan every piece of the land with his high-tech binoculars. After an hour he found a moving object that was located far away from him, and almost impossible to catch up. So he decided to rest a bit and start long journey looking for that probably living thing...

First ending:
… to be continued

Second ending:
… but he never woke up again.

Anonymous said...

After the apocalypse, the last person on Earth sat alone, there was a knock at the door. At first he didn't hear the sound. He was lost in his thoughts. It was sure he was completely alone. His wife had died, his brother had died, his children had died and his friends, too, everybody, just everybody had died! There was only him! What could he do now? Who would he talk to from now on? How would he survive?
He remembered his dearest wife, who every day had cooked for him, had washed his clothes and smiled to him with a most wonderful smile. Then he thought about his children: two beautiful little daughters, who had always made him laugh and a teenage son, with whom he had gone hunting. There had been also his friends: those who lived on the opposite side, those in the middle of the settlement and all of the other.
All his life and world collapsed. Only he and his shelter survived from an immense fire which had spread over the whole world.
There was a knock at the door again. Now he heard it. He leapt up and then stood motionless. Who could it be? Only he survived, didn't he? He went slowly to the door and asked:
 Who are you?
 Officer John Smyth. Open the door!
He opened the door and came to a standstill again. There was a white man. „Surely I'm the last Indian on Earth. My world has gone for ever.” he thought and lost his consciousness.