Sunday, October 13, 2013

The P word is a 4 letter word

Macrobial stalks

The wet iguanaroid
Loves to rip it up
protean standards
it dines alone

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The great vacuum inside Dingleberry Axleworthy's head

Dingleberry was a little man. he would not hesitate to kick puppies if he caught them unattended. He should have kicked their owners, who let the puppies shit all over the place. That bitch with her filthy cigarette and ugly pets. Dingleberry wished he could flush them all down a giant toilet. After he'd shit on them of course. Her screams would echo off the porcelain as she vanished into the plumbing. Dingleberry felt the cockles of his heart flutter in fantasy-vengence.

Charlene was a chain-smoking, poodle walking bitch and her poodles shit over every horizontal surface but the plateau of her shovel faced head.

"Hey, Charlene,"