Wednesday, January 06, 2016

/u/Ask_If_Im_A_Cat [WP] Write a story containing the words : cat , doritos and Leonardo dicaprio

I was sitting on my horse out alone in the middle of the night. I like to watch the stars and have no use for company. My horse was old, a gift of the rancher I worked for. I called her White Elephant in private although I knew her name was Lenore.

A single car bisected the darkness on the distant blacktop that cut through the valley. a sprinkling of electric lights and over the horizon, the glow of Butte.

"Nice night for stargazing," he said.

White Elephant whinneyed and pawed the grass. but I recognized the voice.

He was eating something crunchy.

"Howdy Leo," I said

"Howdy Gerry," He said.

i watched the stars some more.

"Doritos?" he said. Extending the crinkly foil bag.

I take off a glove.

"Don't mind if I do, thanks Leo, where's your horse?"

"I walked up, didn't expect to walk this far."

I waited. Nobody, not even a greenhorn rancher like my new neighbour here walked out this far, not without being pushed.

"It's Howard."

"Howard Hughes? Your cat?"

Leo sighs. It's a long sigh.

"Howard was an old cat and it was his time," he said flatly.

Meanwhile I think about how long it must have taken him to get up here, in the dark. through the tall grass, the rough ground, the soft patches, the holes.

I rubbed White Elephant absentmindedly with one hand. Thinking I'd be walking up here sometime soon myself.

I couldn't see 'em but his boots were surely soaked. Grief takes strange shapes in Montana. It's big sky country, room for strange shapes.

I point White Elephant at the road but I don't have to, she knows the way.

"Want a ride back to your ranch?" I offered. Passing him back the bag.

He takes it. I hear him take a handful and crunch them in his mouth.

I put my glove back on.

"Nah Gerry, it's a fine night for stargazing."

"Sure?" I said.


"Goodnight Leo, sorry about Howard."

"Goodnight Gerry, excuse my interrupting."

Not at all, I was just heading back.*

"Hey Gerry, think I might take you up on that ride? I'm tired all of a sudden."

"Sure Leo."


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