Wednesday, January 13, 2016

/u/Kibbly [WP] You get turned into your favorite character by a rift in the universe but nobody notices the difference.

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I can feel the streets through my boots. every cobble, every divot, every pothole.

I do not know these streets.

Remain calm. I tell myself. You've cheated death so often he won't let you play at his table. You've been more-than-half drowned. Electrocuted. Barbecued and still you managed to make it home to read your son his bedtime storybook.

I do not know these streets.

Those two men in the blue uniforms, they have the easy lift-and-swing of beat coppers. Grit yer teeth Sam.

"Good evening officers, I'm a bit los--"

"Convention's at the Cheswick Grange this year, isn't it?"

"Yeah, walk down to the river and run a right, it's the old manor house looking building, can't miss it."

"Great costume."

"...Thank you officers."

They walk on. I didn't catch half of their jibber jabber. But I walk in the direction the shorter one pointed and sure enough, I reach a river. turning left, I'm soon in front of a manor.

I do not know these streets. I do not know these strange machines. My jaw is sore from clenching.

I walk towards the building.

I do not know these streets.

I do know my own face. The poster is so lifelike it must have been painted from an iconograph.

Only Otto could have taken that shot of me on the train through the pouring rain and the dark.

I square my shoulders and adjust my armour.

I do not know these streets by the banks of this river called Avon with water that actually runs and doesn't just melt your socks off.

Someone here knows who I am.

I've solved mysteries with less.


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