Sunday, March 13, 2016

[WP] Lovecraftian horrors on a blind date. by PastaDerpCat in WritingPrompts

Johnny picked up Sally at 6pm. He wore shiny new sneakers. Sally pretended she liked his car, a Spanish hatchback from 1986. Her father made him promise at the door that Sally would be back home by 11. Johnny promised that would happen.
Dinner was two burgers and fries at a local diner followed by rootbeer floats for dessert.
"You're too sweet," said Sally, after Johnny made an awkward stab at spooning a dollop of ice cream into her mouth.
"I'm sweet on you," said Johnny, leaning across the booth to plant a playful peck on Sally's cheek.
They went to see a sneak preview at the drive in, Johnny found a place near the back but Sally wanted to sit a little closer.
"You sure, Sal? We'll have more privacy back here."
"I know but I really want to watch this one, we can watch one, can't we Johnny?"
"Sure Sal, this flick's got you humming, what's it about?"
Johnny moved his spanish hatchback to a spot closer to the screen.
"Oh, it's about a space spider from another dimension with tentacles coming out of it's mouth!" said Sally.
Johnny turned off the engine.
"A what?"
"Space spider, with tentacles."
Sally was grinning, her grin grew wider and wider, then she coughed and covered her mouth demurely but not before a lone tentacle slipped out between her soft lips.
The movie was long. Sally ground the gears of the spanish hatchback on the way home.
She was at the door on the stroke of eleven, her boyfriend silently incubating inside her womb.
He really was sweet.
Daddy would be pleased.

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