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[WP] Similar to dogs, human females go into heat once every 6 months for 10 days. by [deleted] in WritingPrompts

I used this link for my research:

This is the outline:
A young couple have been dating for some time. The boy has never dated a girl around her heat. He doesn't know what to expect. What he gets, according to the article, is vulvular licking, becoming highly attractive to the opposite sex for the first 7 days, vulvular bleeding, and finally being receptive to sex in the last three days. In a token to the sex perverts, the final act lasts for three days and the young man must use a walker for a fortnight afterwards because he probably broke his penis.
this is the story:


It was their first time. Alice and Jordan had dated other boys and girls since they were kids but when they met and started dating, they knew it was serious because Alice was around the age girls got their first heat.
Jordan thought about his mom and dad, who locked themselves in their rooms twice a year. While Grandma and Grandpa came over to watch him and his sisters and brothers.
He'd had 'the talk' with his dad many times. Recently, he'd had a most embarassing conversation with Hank, Alice's dad.
"When she starts licking her vulva, you don't pay that no mind, she'll be hotter than a barn on fire but you got to wait about another week before she'll be ready for you, hell, you got to keep her away from all the corndogs that'll be out looking to cage a sneaky."
His conversation with Alice was harder, she found the whole idea disgusting and was reluctant to make plans.
They didn't know when it would start exactly, but it tended to be around the same time in the same family.
He was over at her house one day and caught sight of her mom, Fabrice, watering her houseplants. She was twenty years his senior but she'd kept herself in excellent shape. Her long legs beneath her pale sundress caught the light and silhouetted her thights all the way up to the round rump of her pert ass. He realized he was salivating and swallowed reflexively. When she bent over slightly to water the floor plants, he imagined bending her over further and slipping past her engorged vulva and into her dripping moist hot rocket oven of a vagina.
He shook his head. What was he thinking? Then his stomach clenched. Jordan realized Fabrice must be going into heat and he, Jordan, had noticed, kids don't notice such things. With underwhelming lack of fanfare, Jordan had woken up a prepubescent adolescent but he was now a sexually mature post puberty male.
Which meant Alice was going into heat, might already be in heat. Alice came down the stairs and called out.
"Hey Jord!" she said, and raised her hand hesitantly.
Jordan stared at her. From his vantage point, her firm smooth thighs seemed longer than life. Everything about her was in high definition. Her gentle breathing raised and lowered her breasts in time with her descent to lend them an extra bouncy freshness, her lips were half open in an easy smile to reveal pearls of teeth and her eyes seemed huge, the pupils were black holes.
"Ali, we have to go." he gulped.
"I know" she said, and giggled. He saw she was sweating. When he took her hand it was shaking.
"It's going to be fine, we stick to the plan," he said.
He drove them out of the city with the windows rolled up, aside from a few catcalls by pedestrian males who caught a whiff of her pheromones, they made it to the cabin with clothes, toiletries and 20 frozen whole chickens.
It was his dad's cabin. Armoured up for the heat. His mom had had her first heat here. Hank had offered his nuclear bunker in the backyard but Jordan had politely declined, citing history. Hank had nodded.
If he lived, he'd be marrying Alice next spring.
Alice and Jordon walked into the cabin holding hands and locked the doors and windows shut.
For the first 7 days, as Alice entered the heat in full, she began licking her vulva almost constantly except when she ordered Jordon to do it for her but she wouldn't let him touch her in any other way and that was the hardest part of all. There he'd be, down between her creamy, silky thighs, up to his nose in bloody honey flavoured pussy juice, drinking his fill with his hands cupping her ass up to meet his mouth so her back was arched and she was clenching her own breasts in frustrated agony, unable to orgasm but edging all the time. It was exhausting.
He wanted to orgasm too but knew he'd better save it for when she was ready to receive him.
After a week of gorging on her, his mouth was cramped and sore, the bed was a bloody mess and Alice was eating a whole roast chicken to herself every day that Jordan had to remember to take out of the freezer, thaw and cook on time because heaven help him if he was late with her food.
On the seventh day, her discharge was less bloody. She shoved his mouth away from her vulva.
"Gne,,,now, j-j-jord."
He jumped up and dove in between her swollen and throbbing vulvular lips, into her burning hot vagina and began thrusting quickly, soon his penis locked and she screamed and thrashed as he gnashed at her ears to bring her under control, she locked her legs around his ass and pumped so hard he thought she'd snap his back in half, they fell off the bed and continued to thrust at each other and clutch at each other, she bit into his shoulder and took a piece off and clawed at his back and continued to thrust with his locked-in penis and their gyrations on the floor bucked them into the corner where he picked her up and slammed her repeatedly into the wall with his penis driving ever deeper inside her. She bellowed that he keep going. He slammed her again and again, her ass compressing against his hands.
"Ohaggha,..ah...ahh...ahhhhh...aieeeeeee!" sceamed Alice.
They collapsed in a heap.
The moment his penis unlocked and he slipped out of her. Alice turned to look at Jordon. Her eyes were the size of black holes.
"Again." she said.
So it went. For three days. Alice didn't land so much as bruise, like all women today her ability to regenerate depends entirely on food and Jordon kept her well feed.
Jordon needed medical attention and walked with crutches for a fortnight.
Alice got pregnant. They got married. They now have 5 girls and 3 boys.
Everyone said it was a good match.
The End

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