Monday, August 21, 2006

rewards box schemes

So I did what I could, too impatient to wait for the lab to open in the morning so I could get a proper scan I bravely slapped the slides still in their protective sleeves onto my screen and shot them with my point'n/shooter. Once shot and the stick in my slot I just added some film grain and sharpness (and a bit of the crop, who would know?) and there it was, up on the screen and on view to the world. Now if only they knew about the other pictures from that Italy trip, the police and the military photographs, the conspiracies uncovered! Reptilian overlords unmasked! Oh, if they only knew!

At this point in the narrative our hero's self-congratulations were interrupted when a knock came at the door.

"Plotting delivery service!," came a voice from beyond the front door.

Our hero swung out of his Captain Chair and leaped at the doorlatch.

"Yum, fresh plots!" he cried as he flung open the door and accepted his order of classic long journeys with drama and his favorite side order of bogeymen under the cellar stairs.
"Thanks! here's a twenty, keep the change!"
"Thanks mister!" screeched the teenaged boy as he raced his shadow back to his delivery scooter and left in a fierce cloud of unburnt fuel and burning rubber.

Our hero mused if the boy hadn't been shaving a few characters from his order of plots, he certainly had more than the usual teenage alottment of superheroism for a delivery boy...

Still, there was the remainder of the article to write for the Big Smoking Lighthouse News...

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