Sunday, May 06, 2007

The cursed company

Once upon a time, A petty noble and his company of men, insulted a river as they were hunting. The river, being magical, cursed them all to 40 years of ceaseless, changeless riding, their youth suspended so they could all feel the full measure of the river's punishment.

They rode; through towns, trackless wastes, even under the sea, sometimes mad, sometimes violent, sometimes snatching women up and raping and killing them on horseback.

Over 40 years of ceaseless riding, they had lost and regained themselves several times over, eyes gleaming with slick oil, demonic eyes, as often sad, grim, eyes that had seen a thousand battles.

The Japanese called them 地獄のライダー

The Hell Riders.

When the curse lifted, they had been riding through fields of wheat. It was late summer.

What a terrible sight it must have been.

To see a company of men,

abandon their mad horses,

plunge into the golden wheat,

cry like broken children.


Anonymous said...


I won't ask you what did you wanted to express by those pictures but when I look on them I feel loneliness (not mine but yours...
But maybe it is just my imaginationa an overinterpretation.

Bulent Akman said...


Thanks for your comment!

I put those pictures together without any preconceptions, as collage. On the subject of lonliness, some might say that people either recognize their basic lonliness or are participating in a group delusion. On the other hand, lonliness is a state of mind, the person with the most friends may be the lonliest person on earth.

IF I was never lonely, how would I know when I'm not?

Anonymous said...

You welcome.

I think that the same thing is with happieness and good/evil.

Have you ever thought about why there is so few comments on your blog - I know that many people read it but there is no result.

(I am sorry if I made some mistakes - grammar is not my good side) ;-))

Bulent Akman said...

I agree with you regarding good and evil. I am flattered that you believe, as I do, that many people read my blog.

I assume they do not post messages because they don't feel like it.

With respect to grammar, as a professional English teacher, I assure you that most people have issues with grammar. Grammar is not the issue, the issue is: were you understood? I feel that you were, I can honestly say that my students often have better linguistic skills than the majority of native speakers of English. Thank you for your contribution! It's people like you who give me the courage to carry on with this internet obsession.