Thursday, May 29, 2008

80 - Blank Fields and Television Snow

I used to watch televsion tuned to a dead channel. Not too often but consistently and for about an hour at a time. I used to see patterns in the electronic snow, swirling geometries and ladders and sometimes little scenes, formed of pure association and dramatic imagination. I would listen to the hiss and crackle at low volume, hearing rivers and waterfalls, rushing water, I sometimes studied or did my homework against this backdrop. I had two televisions, I could turn both of them on to a dead channel and listen to the interference.

Sometimes, I turned off the television and remained where I was, sitting or lying in front of it, watching my own reflection and hearing nothing at first, the world has another volume.

Before I said goodbye to it, television taught me that movement is an illusion. To travel further, I had to stop moving, to stop moving, I had to turn off the television.

This is science fiction.

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